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Superpower your WorkforceHappy and healthy teams create great companies. Our goal is to superpower your employees and do great things for our world.



Superpower your WorkforceHappy and healthy teams create great companies. Our goal is to superpower your employees and do great things for our world.

Let's get you company active, save you a tonne of cash, help you attract and retain the best talent, and be the reason your teams smile ear-to-ear

Our platform is built for teams that want to be healthier, happier and more productive!


Active encouragement

The Styck app tracks steps taken throughout the day. And our team leaderboards promote teamwork, encouragement and healthy competition.


Amazing Perks

Discounts from great brands around Dubai. From cold-pressed organic juices, team building activities to massages. We're here to make your employees smile ear-to-ear!.

Muchos Love

We're already loved by 1,000's of local residents, companies and brands. And all we want to do is keep spreading the love.

Always something new

Our aim is to keep things exciting. We will continuously deliver fresh perks, rewards and discounts, along with awesome features updates. 


What exactly do we give you?

Styck app and rewards

We built an app that tracks activity and rewards users for moving more. It's built to help users understand how much they move every day, and how to build habits of activity. Reinforcing this cycle with goals to work towards and rewards to enjoy.


Team Building

Our community building features (Trybes) allows your company and employees to create their own, fully customizable communities. We've built in invite-codes to help scale the communities across large companies, and allow small teams to develop groups around their own interests. Trybes for the company, Trybes for departments, Trybes for teams, Trybes for interests.


Activity Data

We've built a data platform to help you see how active your company and teams are. You'll be able to to see your most active employees, the most active teams, the most active days and look back at activity levels over the weeks. 

This helps our companies see improvements over time and see what makes a difference to their people. We can even see the impact activity levels make on productivity, absenteeism and happiness.


Party Time

Our amazing buddies at Freedom Pizza will make your membership a memorable moment by supplying Freedom Pizzas to the company. And we've got many more awesome Freedom collaborations we'll be passing onto your company and teams!


Save on brands we all love

Our aim is to make your company full of superheros, and so we made friends with amazing brands in Dubai and beyond. We bring discounts from all these brands to all your employees, and some discounts for the company itself! It's our way of making a healthy and active life a little more affordable and accessible.

The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers
— Richard Branson

Frequently asked questions

What is a perk?

We see perks as anything that will make your company better, and improve the lives of your employees. Whether that's discounts, freebies, spontaneous offers or just a heads-up on events for your company.

What do we do next?

You'll probably want to chat with us, or meet us in person. We'll help you out in anyway we can, and our contact details are at the bottom of the page, so give us a shout!

How much can our teams save?

Unlimited! Our aim is to provide your company and your teams some great discounts to help keep us all smiling. We take zero commission from our brand partners so we can always pass on the very best perks.

What are our options?

We have a few different options for your company. All of the options are designed to help your company and employees in adopting a healthy and active lifestyle. All the time, keeping everything ultra-accessible and always great value. Just get in touch and we'll give you all the finer details.

Anything else I should know?

Yer, everything we do will make a real difference. That's why we will soon be donating 1/12 of our revenue to charity. And, to make life even easier for your company, we'll give you one additional month of membership for every referral that turns into a Styck client. 

As my company grows will I get charged more?

No way! We have a few plans, with their monthly subscriptions staying constant, no matter how large your company grows. You can upgrade your plan anytime, and all the future features and perks will always be added for free!


How do I find out more?

Give us a call, on 0507159661, or email us at We'd love to hear from you.

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