Join us for a moving morning at Ripe Market

Just get on Styck, register and we'll see you there!

We've got an idea. Let's get together at Ripe Market, Zabeel Park, and get 2,500 steps in. It doesn't matter how fast you go or what you wear, all that matters is you take part.

Styck will be down at the Ripe Market on Fridays, along with our partners to help you out. And, of course it will all be free to get involved.

Our active mornings are all about inclusiveness, wellbeing and passion. We will help as many people as possible, whether it's a morning walk or a jog with friends, it's a great way to get active.

2,500 steps is a short and accessible distance, and very much open to anyone. Walk it at your own pace, set a PB, skateboard or push the kids around to see the park and all the Market vendors.

You'll be surprised how many steps you've clocked up on your Styck app. And most likely you'll have unlocked a bunch of Styck rewards.


You only have to do 2 things:

1. Download Styck app - You can earn rewards for your walks on Styck, and If you want to beat your score each week, this will help.

2. Register below - This way we can update you with details and pass on any Styck rewards and perks.