So, every-so-often we reach into the Styck community to see how users are getting on, what they love, how they are injecting activity into their daily lives and generally how they stay so epic.

This week we saw an outstanding level of achievement from Heather, so we thought we'd tell the world about her! Not only has she been appearing regularly on The Ladder, but she also was one of our weekly top steppers. For this effort she received an amazing 4 pack of Essentially juices. 4 yummy juices for making the decision to move more. STOKED to say the least!

This is Heaher (left). She is an awesome member of the Styck community and she rocks.


And this is the bit where Heather tells you all a bit about herself, and how she does it!

"I'm from the UK and I've been teaching in Abu Dhabi for the last three years. Although I've always enjoyed keeping fit, it can be harder to stay active in a place where you walk less and rely on a car for a lot of your journeys. I've been using Styck for the last few weeks and love it so far! It's a great way to keep track of how many steps you've taken and push yourself to move around a bit more. Being rewarded for being active in a place where it's sometimes easy to become lazy because of the lifestyle, really encourages me to stick to a good exercise routine and get to the gym when I'm feeling lazy. I love running so using Styck app and seeing my name on the ladder gives me extra motivation to run a bit further, use the stairs more or do other types of exercise to keep up my steps. I like having fitness goals to work towards, so using Styck will be a great motivation to keep up my training routine when I do my next Wadi Adventure Race or half marathon!"


We love these kind of stories. They motivate us to work harder and reach more people. Muchos amazingness!

We built Styck for the community, and as we grow we love hearing more stories of how everyone is enjoying the experience.

We have now made it even easier for users to connect with friends on Styck. By using Trybes, you're able to create and join leaderboards to see who is the most active amongst your friends and colleagues! Join us today.

Thanks and kudos to Heather for staying so active and sharing your story with us. We look forward to seeing you on The Ladder tomorrow!

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