He's epic, thats who he is!

Having worked on Styck for a few months now, we see examples of awesomeness almost everyday. It's a pretty darn rewarding experience to see users adopting the app and platform we're building, and inviting it to make a difference to their everyday lives. Even if Styck is able to help users identify and achieve small goals, then that's something that makes us smile.

We build rewards with brands around town, and our users can work towards unlocking these rewards. This stepping-magic works twofold; A little extra motivation for the Styck community, and the opportunity to really see the reward for that effort or consistency.


Awesomeness doesn't just stop there. Everyday, we publish The Ladder! The top 10 steppers in our community are applauded and recognized. This helps add a little healthy competition, perhaps a sniff of accountability, and some serious bragging rights.

The Ladder chat leads us nicely to the point of this post; Styck Profile Features! A stream of blog posts in which we will feature the amazing people that use Styck. We'll hopefully explore who they are and how they make up the community that we are building together. It's another exciting project for us. 

In our first post, we bring you Bonny!

We consistently see Bonny complete a huge number of steps on a daily basis, and it got us wondering what he does and how the heck he maintains so many steps? We also wanted to dig a little deeper into what he thinks about Styck and whether it helps him out? So we sent him an email and asked him.

This is what he wrote:


Just to begin,I am glad to hear that I will be featured in your website and happy to use the styck app. 

Its really amazing how it had helped me to get more active and hence healthier and fitter...the also reason that it tracks you on ladder just adds the competitiveness in you, hence you are more motivated. 

Since I have started using styck . I have been really active because I can see my progress and hence put in the required efforts.

As for me my name is Bonny, and I have  been living in Dubai for past 3 year... I have worked as a chef,working for reputed hotel and life in kitchen can be both rewarding in food wise but as stressful it can get sometime. Which in no mean can be much healthier unless u take a turn and say 'hey, I need to be fitter'.

Dubai is nice city but it can pamper you too much and make you more inactive and lazier with its luxurious lifestyle and comfort . The first 3 years for me have been no different . But lately it just triggered me that it is best to have a healthier life style and since I should stop putting on weight not that I wanted to be one of those stereotype chiseled body gym guys but likely a fitter guy.

While using styck I can put those small little efforts like for example ,taking that extra step, running that extra bit ,taking the stairs instead of the elevator and many more, since I have using styck I have been able to keep those extra weights away and felt fitter and better

So for all styck users and the all those who want to get fitter and healthier Styck is a very nice platform to do so. It's very rewarding to your body and also your pocket since styck is come up with this concept of motivating you with lots of rewards like winning some fun activities or sessions or some healthy treat around the city in collaboration with their partners .

It's a great way of supporting your cause of staying fit and getting rewarded as you do. 

Thanks again to you guys for this initiative. Its a great app and keep up the good work for keeping the city fit"


You can probably tell, Bonny makes us happy! It only spurs us to go further and continuously improve the experience for the current and future members of Styck.

The reason we want to bring you some profile features of users, is to broaden the idea that, if we all adopt a more active lifestyle, it can revolutionise our lives. We want to see those stories unfolding in our city right now.

By using Styck, these new habits become far more rewarding.