Yo yo Styck Trybe and all of you explorers of life reading this right now. Greetings, welcome to The Movement Movement. This is the random blog of Styck, the intermittent thoughts of the rough-hand builders of Styck App. Read on and enjoy, this is a home with welcoming warmth!

We (relatively) often tell tales of peeps who are part of the Styck community, people who make it what it is, those that put fuel in our jets, make us smile and generally make this effort most definitely worth doing. 

Recently we have had the honor of meeting a member of Styck who kinda blew our minds with his levels of activity. As you dig a little deeper you start to see a real character, someone who pushes hard, sees no limits and is through-and-through authentic. 

Dale racked up a serious amount of steps in a single day a few weeks back, and so we reached out and wondered what he had got up to. And, I was going to write about what he did, but he beat me to it.

SPOILER ALERT. Dale completed an Ultra Marathon, having not completed a marathon before. In itself that is an epic achievement of mind, body and spirit. But then you try to comprehend what that does for everything that you thought was once impossible. It would kinda destroy those doubts and restrictions we place upon ourselves. Where's the line? Is there a line? And now we know that we are the ones that all-to-often draw that line, and we've smashed through that line, what's now possible? A crazy bunch of confusion there, but for a few answers heres Dales blog

Dale has written an incredible blog post on his endeavor, and it's a great journey to take with him. Read on...