“Wow, hasn’t it got hot quickly?”, “It’s gonna be a long ol'summer!”, “Any good DVD boxsets to watch this summer?”. Each year, when summer roles around, these questions seem to rear their head, and we all nod and give out a collective groan!

Its ridiculous to think that a city with so many ways to get active, all pretty much given to us on a plate, can turn even the most gregarious and adventurous of residents, into a recluse.

We’ve seen them many-a-time, the Crazy-Cats that spend the winter being seen everywhere, dancing the days and nights away, taking in the best “grape and grain” the city has to offer and selfie-ing their life at every opportunity. Only to disappear as soon as June comes by. And then it’s bye-bye until October.

Well, don’t be that dude or dudette. Make a decision to enjoy the outdoors, go and enjoy what the city has on offer and stay active.

Here are a few ideas, gems and secrets that may just keep you going for the summer. BTW, they're all free, so it's now down to you.


The Awesomeness -  The Running Track in Jumeirah

If you’re a long term resident of Dubai, you will know that this track is a well overdue addition to the city. It's finally here, and we have a duty to take advantage of it.

Stretching pretty much the entire length of Jumeirah Beach Road, you’re able to take in a number of stops along the way.

An awesome morning can easily and enjoyably combine Sunset Beach with Kite Beach’s new cafe culture. All the whilst being just a few meters from the shore line.

Perhaps refuel with a Taqado, try a Wannabanana, take a dip and then carry on!


Pretty People Only - The running track on the palm

Are you a bit La-de-da! Well if you are, why not run up and down The Palm Jumeirah. It’s not my style, but hey, I’m hearing that it’s where all the pretty people go to train. So perhaps a chance to swipe left or swipe right in real life?

Maybe reward yourself with a trip to Aquaventure to cool off. It's only a short ride away!


The "I'm all in" - Dubai Sports World

Errrm, a huge warehouse with pretty much every sport you’ve every heard of, and always wanted to try? Yes please!

A gym, a skate park, a running track, table tennis and on, and on it goes.

Prices are great and it’s rarely busy. It’s a must in my opinion!



The Secret - Nad Al Sheeba Track

Not many people know about this gem. And it’s my usual stomping ground, so I’m not entirely sure why I’m telling everyone.

Full panoramic views of SZR, and all within 500 meters of DIFC and 2km from Downtown. 

The route is flanked by grass, so it can be a few degrees cooler, especially in the mornings and evening. In addition there's plenty of wildlife to take in. Wildlife? Dubai? Yup and Yup. 


The Cyclist  - Al Qudra Cycle Track

Located in er Al Qudra, which is just beyond Arabian Ranches. This cycle track is truly epic, and an incredible addition to the Dubai sports scene.

Over 127km of cycle track rolls off into the desert, but there's no need to be intimidated, someone has actually though about this badboy! You can take a number of routes that cut the loop down to 50km. So its perfectly manageable for a morning cycle.

You’re also likely to see Oryx on the ride (So again, thats more wildlife for you!), and you don’t even need your own bike; There’s a Trek Bike shop to hire from.


So there's 5 ideas for you. We say, "Just get out there and get active", and if you do it all with Styck, you'll be rewarded for your movement. Download Styck below.

For iPhone lovers - https://appsto.re/gb/97cw5.i

For Android lovers - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.styckapp.android&hl=en

If you have another nuggets of active goodness, feel free to post them below.

We try hard to keep a positive vibe on our blog posts. So if you do comment, keep it upbeat, positive, progressive, all about the community. You get the picture!