Ambitious goals lead to epic achievements, pure and simple. It's not rocket science to understand that we need to act upon these goals. But therein lies the problem; Many of us spend time dreaming up goals, but not working our way towards them. 

At Styck we have huge goals weaved deeply into the fabric of our mission. We want to destroy the sedentary lifestyle, and we want to provide people with exciting reasons to move more. We're bringing stakeholders together on a single platform to show that the benefits and rewards of movement, far outweigh those derived from sitting!

In this weeks' blog post, we bring you an awesome project we heard about recently (sharing is caring!), and a Styck community achievement coupled with a next-stage goal. Read on fellow Styck-person!

An Awesome Project

Last week we heard of something so epic, we thought we'd bring it to our blog. Have you heard about the latest Tim Ferriss project? It's a huge mission, and if they get the result they're looking for, it will set a new pace to this agenda. We love hearing about projects that are clearly and directly aligned with our movement and the community we're part of, and thats why this excites us so much.

Ferriss identifies "Sitting" as a huge problem facing the world today, and rightly, one that can be solved. He's clearly frames the startling issue for us; "8-18-year olds spend ~85% of their waking hours sitting )Source: Kaiser Family Foundation), and researchers like Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic now compare the health risks of extended sitting to those of smoking."

Steadily we're hearing and learning a lot more about the serious health issues related to living a sedentary lifestyle; Obesity, diabetes and many other serious conditions. A subject we spoke on at Creative Mornings a few weeks back. Not only a personal impact, but the creation of a huge financial burden upon families, societies and at a state level.

Tim Ferriss and a few of his connections are looking at a grass-roots solution. To create the first elementary school with exclusively stand-up desks. Bold to say the least!

These pursuits are in the lifeblood of what we want to achieve at Styck. An idea that we can all collectively make a difference in our world, and start living a more active life. It just takes small steps to get there.


Styck App Community Reaches 100 Million Steps

100 million steps is an epic number of steps, and it's tough to visualise. But this is indeed the number of steps that the Styck community has completed in the short time Styck has been available. Cue our applause for everyone who is working towards their rewards on Styck, YOU ROCK!

100 million steps is the same distance as taking the Emirates A380 from Dubai to LA five and half times, or the distance to navigate twice around Earth. So when we call it an epic effort, we mean an ultra epic effort.

As if this wasn't far enough, we have a new goal in mind, something more audacious, something interplanetary!

We want to walk to mars! Well, more precisely we will encourage the Styck community to register enough steps to equal the distance from Earth to Mars and back again. Thats an average distance of around 450,000,000 KMs! 

We believe it won't take long for us to have to set a mission to another galaxy, and when we do get there, Styck will be there to reward the community for their efforts.

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