So we got your attention? Let’s jump straight in! Start by thinking of someone you believe to be successful. You may even want to ponder what your definition of “success” is? Both of these things are going to be vastly different for everyone, and there is never a wrong or right. However, it is a task in itself to have nailed down your own definition of “success”, and then to see if you can identify those that fall, at least half way, into that definition.

Invariably we look to the results achieved as indicators of success. More often-than-not these are embodied in materialistic objects or physical attributes. Perhaps, the typical viewpoint of owning a Ferrari or a boat, maybe a big house or being the CEO of a Fortune 500. Successful? Maybe, you view having a “sixpack” or being slim as a mark of success? Or maybe you see the world a little differently. Maybe you see "living the simple life" as a mark of success? Whatever it may be, we usually fix a stare on the results and not the daily life processes these people go through.

I believe there are TWO core secrets to building the most epic versions of ourselves. And these two factors are ongoing, they are processes, and they will-never-end. I've spent a long time working alongside some hugely successful people, and I'm blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with successful friends and family. I can see two commonalities that run through all these people.

Number One is “Be Active”. Be active in both mind and body. Of course primarily I'm looking more at the positives pulled down from being physically active; Moving more. Never discounting the need to fire up the mind; Being conscious, thinking more about what you want, thinking about what world you want to live in, and making choices that will make you smile more. The body and mind are symbiotic, they fuel and feed off each other.

Many people will say to themselves that they are active already. So thats that one done right? I think it’s actually a bit tougher than most people think. 

Simply ask yourself, how many hours in the day are you moving? And the answer may help you realize how tough this can be. Are we really conscious of the number of decision we make in a day that result in inactivity? If we spent just one day reversing these decisions, we may see a profound difference. The lift, sitting at desks, watching TV, taking a taxi, we all have choices.

Also, lets look at the positives of being active. It’s usually pretty sociable to be active; At work, or in your free-time, going for a walk, playing a sport, getting into the sea, taking a jog. These activities connect people. We're inherently social animals and we thrive in each others' company. People put smiles on our faces! I am also a big believer that heightened activity breeds the best ideas. I've had and shared my best ideas whilst running or walking, whilst hiking, whilst putting one foot in front of the other. 

Being active improves brain function, it increases creativity, it heightens self esteem, it lowers blood pressure, it lowers the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. I could write limitlessly on the great times I've had, friends I've made, lessons learned, opportunities come my way and all from choosing to be active.

Number Two is “Be consistent”. This is a tough one. In my opinion, being consistent is a secret to success that most people struggle to unlock. If you want to be better at something than you were yesterday, then work hard at it today. Make a decision to work hard at it tomorrow. I've found that this applies to absolutely everything; From relationships, to skills learning, to running, to building Styck. Results improve over time, you get better, you get more efficient, and you expect more. 

Identify what you want to achieve, or what you love working on. Identify your passions, identify gym skills or work goals. With a path set, it is now the process or practice of being consistent in the pursuit of those goals. If you set a path and consistently chip away at it everyday it’s only a matter of time before you get there. Wrapped in consistency has to be dedication and patience, and if you’re able to hone these skills, you’re going to achieve something that most other people are simply unwilling to work for.

Consistency is a skill in itself. It requires repetition to access the skill with ease. In sport its called muscle-memory, or "flow state" and if you want to read about being world class, I recommend a weekend spend with Mr Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers. It's not going to happen over night, or after a week. But it will come, and when it does anything seems possible.

Let’s reduce this back down to the two simple truths that will keep you epic today and make you even more epic tomorrow. Get active, and that means as much as possible, all-day-active, and secondly, pursue passions and goals with consistency; When it get’s tough, don’t stop, make progress everyday.

A view into our world, the world we are trying to create at Styck, is one where we are constantly trying to get better at things we want to be world class at (and failing a lot). We are dedicated to producing the very best products and services for our community, and we are all working together to solve huge problems. We’re also going to have epic fun doing it!

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