The world is slowly slowing down. People are moving less, and getting a healthy and fit lifestyle is being accepted as a luxury that only belongs to those with excess money and time. People hear the words "fitness" and think of gyms, barbells, treadmills, spinning classes and people posting selfie's in front of a mirror wearing gym clothes. 

We are here to the rescue! Here at Styck we want you to get fitter and healthier without having to go through the above. Here are 5 simple ways to improve your life!

Walk more

As simple as it sounds, walking is a great way of burning calories without having to give too much effort. There are many ways to add more walking into your life! Walking to the metro rather than getting a taxi for example. Walking to the shop rather than calling for delivery, it all adds up. 

In an office setting, take frequent breaks and walk around the office more, you can even combine this with a quick gossip session with a colleague. 

And remember to track all your steps using Styck to get rewards from our partners and to get your self on the ladder!

Stand while working

Sitting in front of a computer all day is really bad for you. In simple terms it really reduces your metabolism and deactivates a lot of your muscles. To counteract this, try standing up more. 

Standing while working is a great concept but is not always practical in all environments and offices, but you can still fit standing in as much as possible such as every time you use your phone, drink a coffee or water, or chat, plus stand up meetings are generally more productive that sit down ones.

You'll burn 3-4 times more calories standing while you're working. This can be somewhere around 180-240 per hour just by working standing up. 

Do some house work

As dismal as it sounds, housework still counts as a productive physical activity. Not only do you burn a few hundred calories, but you also end up with a cleaner place to live, which is rewarding and good for the mind. Your friends may even be impressed by your new found clean apartment as part of your new healthy lifestyle. 

It can be as simple as mopping all the sand up off the floor, doing your own laundry, or a full on top to bottom weekly house clean. 

Play outside

A lot of people chose to stay indoors, especially as the heat picks up during the summer months, but maybe it's time to expose yourself to some good old fashioned Vitamin D. 

But don't stop there, invite your friends to the beach or a park for a game of catch, frisbee or any other simple outdoor game. Not only is it fun and social but you'll also activate muscles that would've laid dormant for lack of physical activity. It's also good for the mind and some games will help increase other skills such as hand-eye coordination. 

Take the stairs

You live in an apartment? You work in an office tower? You take the lift? 

Ok so maybe you work on the 50th floor in Dubai Media City, and don't fancy turning up to your morning meeting drenched in sweat by climbing 50 floors, but it can be simpler than this. Why not set yourself a target of getting out the lift 2 floors early and walking the final 2, and when this becomes too easy, go to 3 or 4 floors below. 

It all adds up, you'll burn calories and you'll even develop stronger legs in the process.


Getting a bit of exercise during your normal day doesn't have to be a complex workout, it can be as simple as arranging your home furniture or walking more than you currently do, it can be playing an active game with your friends after work or even playing with your children. 

Take one activity at a time and see if you can move more today. Install the Styck app and track all this movement and be rewarded! 

Photo credit: Xavi on Flickr