Trybes is a feature we have been excited about for a while now, and it's now here. This new Styck App feature allows users to invite friends, family and colleagues to join them in a little healthy competition. You'll be able to help others take new strides in an active lifestyle, and encourage them along the way!

Trybes is a way for you to own your active community and really make it yours. Name your Trybes, add headline images to personalize the Trybe and invite people that you know will love to be a part of what you built.

So here's a short guide to getting started.


Find the Trybe screen. It's dead center with our new Trybes logo!


Create your Trybe. This will allow you to add any image you want, and create a name to personalize your Trybes.


View your Trybe. Your Trybe will appear with only you as a member, you'll need to now expand the Trybe!


Invite others to your Trybe. You will notice that you can invite others to your Trybe, and this is where Trybal life gets interesting. Invite others, and see how much of a difference this makes!

You can create as many Trybes as you want. This allows you to build a Trybe for your family, a Trybe for your work colleagues, perhaps create a Trybe for your sports team? Or get crazy, and create a Trybe for your community or building! 

Who's the top stepper in your Trybe? Who are you going to inspire to move more?

Have an amazing time using Styck.

Email us for any help @